How to use

actionpics is a marketplace specifically designed for surf photographers to sell their photos of non-professional surfers in action.

Creating a Session

After you have logged in, to start a new session and upload photos, click the “Upload Session” button.

A session is a bundle of photos, or a particular photo session, to be sold as a group. Photos in a session can also be sold individually.


To select photos to upload click on the "Upload box", highlighted

From here you can select the photos you want to upload as part of the session. Alternatively, you can drag photos from windows explorer into the Upload Box for uploading.

Once you have selected your photos for uploading, they will appear in the Upload Box (#1).

The photos are at various stages of uploading. Once they have finished uploading, click the “next” button (#2).

You will find beneath the Upload Box your previous uploaded sessions- “My Sessions”.

Session Details - Time and Location

  1. For each session enter the location (#1), date (#2), and the time (#3). This will make it easier for customers to find your sessions. These fields are required.
  2. Once all information has been entered, click “Next” (#4).

The location must be a google location. When a session is searched for by a customer their search will show sessions in nearby locations.

Set the Session Cost

  1. Enter the default price for each photo (#1). This will assign this price to all photos in the session. In the photo above, for example, $10 will be the cost of each individual photo when bought separately. The prices of individual photos can be edited afterwards by visiting “My Sessions” and will be explained below in windows number 9 and 10.
  2. Enter the price for the entire session (#2). This will assign the price to the session. In the photo above, for example, $30 will be the cost to buy the entire session- all photos in that particular session.
  3. After all details have been entered click the “finish” button (#3).

Editing a Session

  1. Click the user icon from the top right of the screen and from the dropdown, select "My Sessions".
  2. Under “My Sessions” you will find all of your sessions. Scroll down and select the session you want to edit.
  3. To add more photos to the session repeat the process by clicking on, or dragging to, the Upload Box (#1).
  4. The session name, location, date, time, default photo price, and overall session price can be edited to the right or the screen (#2).
  5. To delete the session click on “Delete Session” (#3).
  6. To save changes, click on “Save” (#4).
  7. To edit the information for an individual photo, click on that particular photo.This is how you can also delete individual photos from a session.
If the final photo of a session is deleted, the session will automatically be deleted.

If a session or photo has been purchased by a customer and is then deleted by you, the session or photo will not be deleted from the database of and the customer will still have access to the session or photo.

When a photo is deleted it will be visible to the photographer in the session yet will be marked “deleted” and cannot be edited. Although, after deletion, the session or photo will no longer be on display to the public.

Editing Photos

  1. To change the photo name, price, and its order in the session, (if you want it to be the display photo for the session make the photo number 1 in the order) see the right of the screen (#1).
  2. To save the changes click “Save” (#3).
  3. To delete the photo from the session click “Delete Photo” (#2).
  4. Setting the "Session order" will set the order in which photos will be displayed in a session. Setting the session order of a photo to 1 will display that photo first in a session.

We are currently working on drag and drop functionality to make it easier to order photos within a session.

As noted above, if a photo has been bought by a customer and is then deleted by you, the photo will not be deleted from the database of and the customer will still have access to the photo. Although, after deletion, the photo will no longer be displayed to the public.

The photo displayed here will be watermarked and low resolution to avoid unwarranted downloads.